Wedge-Tailed Eagle 2019 Flag Core

$169.00 ea.

The Details

One of the best designers and engravers, one of the best production quality mints and one of the baddest (we mean cool) birds on the planet--that’s almost too much cool to be wrapped in a 1 oz. coin! When John Mercanti--former engraver of the U.S. Mint--teamed up with the Perth mint they made history, as something like that had never happened before. This coin is part of their continued work on the wedge-tailed eagle series. Why the wedge-tailed eagle? Because it has a wingspan of 9 feet and can soar for hours without flapping a wing? Maybe. Because it hunts in pairs so it can take down larger prey? Probably. Or is it because it has been known to take down paragliders and unmanned aerial vehicles protecting its territory? Yep, we’re pretty sure that’s it! Whatever the case, the coin is as majestic as the bird and belongs next to the rest of your coin family.