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The more we tell our story, the more we find people want to be a part of it. We understand that not everyone is in a position to start buying silver and gold and travel the world. That’s why part of our mission is to help you become financially independent. We created a very simple way for you to share our story part time, and make a full time income.

The Compensation Plan

We purposely designed our compensation plan to enhance the lives of the non-professional networker.
Get Paid With 7K Metals!

Once you have a member on each side of your team, you are eligible to earn income. You earn points (volume) each time there is a new member on your team, or someone purchases a qualified collectible coin. You are paid each time you have 500 points of matching volume on the left and right side of your team.

Choose your level of activity and get the earnings you want.

As you advance in the company the amount of earnings you can earn per week increases as well. With 7K Metals your income potential is truly up to you.

Thousands of people just like you are now living the life they never dreamed of. They travel the world and are truly living a lifestyle powered by Gold & Silver! Whether you want to share the 7K Metals opportunity with others, or you just want to buy precious metals at the best price, contact the person that gave you this booklet and sign up for your membership today!



  • Can buy precious metals at wholesale cost
  • Can refer others
  • $250 travel savings card

Premium Membership


Includes member benefits plus:
  • One MS-70 Collectible Coin
  • One Specialty Item
  • One World Coin
  • One Silver Round
  • Annual Business Builder credit
  • $500 travel savings card
Members may earn commissions based on Ranks listed below

2 Ways to Earn Points

Memberships & Renewals

Each new membership or renewal is worth 100 points. Each new premium membership or each premium membership renewal is worth 150 points.

Coin of the Month

Each Coin of the Month is worth 20 points.

This diagram is for illustration purposes to show that points are earned as memberships and coins are sold. This is not intended to show requirements for Ranks. Please refer to the written compensation plan for full details*.

Weekly Cycle Commissions

Points Per Team (left & right)

Up to 14  Cycles Per Week


Combined total of:

Points Per Team (left & right)


Up to 14  Cycles Per Week

Combined total of:

All 7k Metals Memberships sold by you, or anyone in your team, are credited to you.

Commissions Possible Based on Rank

$500 Per Week
$1,000 Per Week
$2,000 Per Week
$3,500 Per Week
$7,000 Per Week
When points occur on your Left Team or your Right Team, by anyone on either team, regardless of who their sponsor is, YOU earn points. Points begin to accumulate immediately upon joining. When your accumulated points are at least 500 for each Team, your points will CYCLE. If you are qualified, you will be paid a $500 commission per CYCLE. You can continue to accumulate and CYCLE points many times during the week and you will continue to be paid commissions based on your level of achievement. You can earn up to $7,000 per week.

To earn commissions you must qualify by personally selling memberships.
Each Rank is outlined here with definitions at the end of this document.

Qualification Requirements

Personal Members
(Left & Right)
Weekly Max
Personal Members

1 Active Left & Right



2 Active Left & Right


1 Associate Left & Right

3 Active Left & Right


1 Copper Left & Right

5 Active Left & Right


1 Bronze Left & Right

8 Active Left & Right


1 Silver Left & Right

Ranks- As you increase in Rank, so does your commission potential. Points in excess of Rank will continue to CYCLE. Cycle - when 500 points is accumulated on the left and right, this is a CYCLE. After a CYCLE, the points are removed from both left and right team regardless if you are eligible or ineligible for commission. Personal Members (Left & Right) - In order to increase in Rank, it is necessary to sell memberships.

Weekly Max - This is the maximum amount of commission allowed to earn at each Rank. Lesser team points are reset to zero when points accumulate above the weekly maximum allowed by your Rank.

Personal Member Requirements - In order to advance to the next Rank, it is necessary to help those on your team to also advance. The Rank listed in the section above are the minimum levels of achievement required. Your personally enrolled Members can be higher than the Rank listed in order for you to reach the next ranks. They may also be at a higher Rank than you.

Personal Member Point Requirements - This indicates the minimum rank requirements for personal membership sales.

Example: To be a Bronze Associate, you will need to have personally sponsored 3 Active Members left and right AND at least 1 of those personally sponsored members on your left and right must be a minimum rank of a Copper Associate.

Active Member - In order to remain active, you must generate a minimum of 20 points per month, this can be done by purchasing a Coin of the Month or selling a new membership. If you have not generated 20 points in a 32 day period you become inactive and after a 45 day period, accrued points are forfeited.

For complete details click HERE to see the entire 7K Metals Compensation Plan.

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