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8/5/19 - Zach Davis Training

7/22/19 - FLG Salmon River Lodge Recap

7/15/19 - Guest Speaker: Roger Ball

7/8/19 - Zach Davis Sales Training

7/1/19 - New Contest Announcement

6/17/19 - Founder's Getaway Winners

Founder's webinar

6/10/19 - G. Edward Griffin Announcement

Founder's top 10 and keynote speaker for New York Regional event 2019.

3/11/19 - 7k Wealth Training System App Training

How to Build With the App

3/4/19 - Wealth Systems App Launch

2/18/19 - Add Two New Team Members

Tonight we recognized everyone who helped at the Houston event, allowed you to add two new team members to you Gold Rush Challenge team and recognized new ranking members.

1/28/19 - Gold Rush Update

1/14/19 - Houston Recap

Houston Regional Recap and Gold Rush Challenge recap.

1/7/19 - Gold Rush 2019

Learn about the Gold Rush 2019

12/17/18 - 2018 Year in Review

Year in Review and Recognition

12/10/18 - Recognition and Santa Coins

12/3/18 - Getting Back to the Basics

Focus on the Basics

11/26/18 - Black Friday Recap

11/19/18 - Black Friday Shopping Cart

Black Friday update. Learn all about the upcoming black friday deals.

11/5/18 - Healthcare announce / Using Sales Tools

Health Care updates and how to use the tools

10/29/18 - Zoom - Announcements

New Display Case revealed and announcement of Jayson Arfmann as new VP of International Sales.

10/8/18 - The Power of Live Events

Learn about the upcoming Billings MT event.

10/1/18 - Corporate Update

October 1st Monday night Recognition call

9/24/18 - HR 6790

Sam show of two new Queen's beast coins and talks about a house bill that could make remove all taxation on coins.

9/17/18 - Corporate Update

Queens Beast 10 oz coin.

9/10/18 - Corporate Zoom

We cover the new 7K Metals Gold NGC Co-branded coin. Show off some new features of our Downline explorer tool and recognize our wonderful people.

9/3/18 - New Downline Explorer

Sam Cook shows off the new Downline explorer tool in your back office.

8/27/18 - Income Disclosure Statement

Join the Founders as they unveil the power of the income disclosure statement.

8/27/18 - Spreading Significance Contest Winners

Congratulations to the Spreading Significance Challenge 2018 official winners! 1st Wade Fredrickson 2nd Amanda Akers 3rd Tom Doherty/Pete Barr

8/20/18 - Launch of CoBranded NGC Silver Eagle

The exciting launch of the 7K Metals Co-branded NGC Silver Eagle coins.

8/13/18 - Zoom Contest Winners

Learn about the Idaho experience from the 2018 contest winners. Listen to Tom Doherty, Amanda Akers and Wade Fredrickson share about their time on the river, in Yellowstone at at the Ball's home.

7/30/18 - New website launch/States beginning to recognize gold as legal tender

New website launch/States beginning to recognize gold as legal tender

7/16/18 - Spreading Significance Promotion Contest Winners

The winners jof the promotion "Spreading Significance", which focuses on Coin of the Month, are announced

6/25/18 - Sharing 7K Metals

7K Associates give testimony of the power of 7K Metals and how she shares the 7K Metals message with Robert Kiyosaki.

6/18/18 - Normalcy Bias

What is Normalcy Bias and how does it affect you? Watch this webinar to find out.

6/11/18 - Sales solves all problems.

Corporate updates showing promotion leaderboard, rank advancements, and training on sales.

6/4/18 - Keep your eye on your goals

CEO, Sam Cook, explains that you must keep your focus on your goals through all season of the year in order to achieve.

5/28/18 - Be a Collector & Intentionally Build Your Business

Corporate Update includes becoming a collector, and intentionally building your business.

5/21/18 - 7K Metals announces "My Account"

You can now buy Gold & Silver with your commissions, with NO processing fees. This includes Autoships.

4/16/18 - Spreading Significance Promotion

Spreading Significance Promotion explained and Leaderboard revealed.

4/9/18 - Wealth Strategy introduced

Corporate update introducing the Wealth Strategy program and anticipated briefcase.

4/3/18 - Travis Mills Interview

On April 10, 2012, United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills was critically injured losing portions of both legs and both arms. Thanks to his amazing strength, courage, an incredible will to live, Travis continues to astound friends and family alike with his progress and with his amazing spirit. SSG Travis Mills is a genuine American hero, and for his incredible sacrifice, we are forever in his debt.

4/2/18 - Leadership Call & Rank Advancements

The corporate leadership implement Rank Achievement and rank advancements explained.

3/26/18 - Training resource announced

Training resources announced: Associate Training and Buyers Certification now on the website

3/19/18 - Borrow a story until you build one of your own

Co Founder, Zach Davis, teaches you to borrow other's experiences and testimonies until you have built your own story.

3/5/18 - Collectibles highlighted and Success Formula revealed

Corporate update on collectible products available, rank advancement recognition, and success training from Co Founder, Zach Davis.

2/26/18 - Record Bullion Sales & Report on New York meetings

Record Bullion Sales discussed. Zach Davis gives training "how you do anything, is how you do everything. Richard Hansen gives report on meeting held in New York.

2/5/18 - Depository announced for International Members

7K Metals announces how International Members can join 7K Metals and use the depository to store their metals

11/27/17 - 7K Metals Rank Advancement Promtion announced

7K Metals announces the Super Saturday in Idaho Falls and unveiling of new training programs. Also Cancun Promotion announced

10/23/17 - 7K Getaway Program announced

7K Getaway Travel Savings Dollars announced. Your Lifestyle Powered by Gold & Silver

10/30/17 - Why Join 7K Metals?

Co Founder Zach Davis and Sterling Chord discuss what makes 7K Metals different and why you should join.

12/19/18 - Play to Win!

12/12/18 - Training - Wealth Accumulation

Learn about what metals are reportable and not reportable on the 1099-B form.

12/5/18 - How To Do a Wealth Strategies Session

11/28/18 - The Sales Process

Finding Out What People Need

11/21/18 - This is Your Job as a Leader!

Everyone plays an important part.

11/14/18 - Get High Performance From Your Team

Your "TO DO" lists are probably killing your business and you don't even know it.

10/3/18 - Handling Objections

9/26/18 - The Importance of Events

9/5/18 - The Key is to Keep Them

The long term success of your business rises and falls on your ability to keep your customers.

9/19/18 - What? Fake it till you make it??

Ever felt like you were a phony? You're not alone. Let me give you my perspective. Oh by the way I almost died in Mexico. Wanna hear my story?

9/12/18 - Parable of the Sower

Josh Anderson shares his experience with the Parable of the Sower and how to understand your numbers and the people in your business.

8/22/18 - 90 Days to Silver Works

Vince Miller is proof the 90 days to Silver challenge works

8/22/18 - How to Take Proper Care of your Coins

Chris Weary explains how to properly care for your coins to protect their value.

8/15/18 - Training Momentum

Learn how to get your business into momentum and the activities to do in order to stay in momentum

8/1/18 - Learn how to use the new website

Learn how to use the new website to build your business. Guest speakers, Peter Barr, Bob Reid, Danny Clements, and Hunter Anderson

7/25/18 - Prospecting 101

Co Founder, Zach Davis, teaches on legalities of multi-level marketing. Also, Associates are trained on basics of prospecting.

6/20/18 - What do you love about 7K Metals?

Co Founder, Josh Anderson, teaches all the reasons that 7K Metals is making a difference and what our Associates love about 7K Metals.

5/30/18 - Murderer or Hero?

Co Founder, Zach Davis, explains perspective and how it can make a difference in your business.

5/23/18 - Which daily action creates the difference?

Co Founder, Josh Anderson, teaches what you can do on a daily basis to grow your business.

5/2/18 - What's Biting You?

Co Founder, Zach Davis, teaches how to survive those things that have bitten you. Also learn about 2nd law of themodynamics.

4/18/18 - Wealth Strategy Meeting

Wealth Strategy Session introduced.

4/4/18 - The Power of Residual Income

Co Founders, Josh Anderson and Richard Hansen, share the power of residual income and how to build that power in your life with 7K Metals.

3/28/18 - Power of the Coin of the Month

Co Founder, Zach Davis, explains the power of the coin of the month program and how it can benefit your business.

10/2/17 - Rich Dad talks about Gold & Silver

The Rich Dad Radio Show with Robert Kiyosaki

3/14/18 - Sales Funnel

Co Founder, Zach Davis, talks about your 7K Metals sales funnels.

3/7/18 - 90 Days to Silver

Co Founders, Josh Anderson and Zach Davis, train Associates on how to achieve a rank advancement of Silver in 90 days

2/28/18 - What's the best way I can share 7K Metals?

Co Founders, Josh Anderson, Zach Davis, and Richard Hansen share the most effective ways to share the 7K Metals message.

2/21/18 - Goal Setting with Blair Singer

Blair Singer teaches 7K Members about Goal Setting. As a Rich Dad Advisor to Robert Kiyosaki, a consultant that has helped hundreds of thousands of businesses and sales people .

2/14/18 - Please Don't Feed the Fish!

Co Founder, Zach Davis, explains why it is in everyone's best interest to not feed the fish.

2/7/18 - 7K Getaway & Product update on Silver Bars and Coins

7K Members give testimony on value of the 7K Getaway travel savings dollars. Corporate Coin Specialist, Chris Weary, describes the Silver Bars and some coins found on the website.

1/31/18 - 90 Days to Silver

Co Founder, Zach Davis, teaches Associates how to achieve Silver Rank in 90 days.

11/8/17 - 7K Metals Opportunity

Zach Davis presents the 7K Metals Opportunity

10/18/17 - 7K Metals Coins

7K Metals shows off coins that are available.

11/1/17 - Why should you buy Gold and Silver?

Josh Anderson discusses the 7K Metals mission to put Gold and Silver in every home.

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