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 How can 7K Metals not charge commissions or mark up on bullion and still make money? 

We have a very simple business model. By having a focused group of Members brought together for a single purpose (getting the best prices on precious metals), we use our collective buying power and purchase precious metals from the largest distributors in the world at the lowest prices possible!

 We then pass the prices WE pay on to our Members. 

Now, obviously if you were buying or wanted to buy precious metals, we’re sure you’d want to get the best prices…right? Well, now you can!

THAT’S how we grow as a company. We profit by simply helping others get involved with us by taking advantage of our exclusive Membership Program. We don’t need to charge a mark up because with our technology, relationships and business model we are able to profit through our initial program fee and are able to offer true “Dealer-Direct, At Cost" pricing to our Members.

 We profit by simply helping others get involved with us. 

Another major expense that the other companies have (that we don’t have) is advertising. We don’t need to spend a fortune on TV, Radio or print ads because our Members can help us spread the word. So, the only advertising we pay for, is in the form of commissions paid directly to our Associates for their efforts of telling others about our incredible program. By paying only those who actually make referrals, we save hundreds of thousands each year by avoiding traditional marketing.

With all the money we're able to save, we're able to pass that on to our Members! So, YOU save money!!


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