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Your Lifestyle - Powered by Gold and Silver!

Some of the wealthiest people and corporations make up the largest buying group of silver & gold. What we learned from them is that silver & gold is really about a lifestyle and not just a fear of government collapse.

Because we love to buy precious metals and travel the world, we leveraged our relationships in the travel industry to help you create your own lifestyle powered by silver & gold. It also makes the Coin of the Month Program even more valuable.

With the purchase of any qualifying coin you will receive either a $125.00 or $250.00 travel savings card to use for travel on your own personal discounted travel website.

Use your travel savings dollars to book hotels, car rentals, extended stays, and vacation activities. You’ll get access to wholesale travel rates at up to 50% off normal rates. Stay at higher end hotels that you can trust and with easy access to thousands of car rental locations globally. You can enjoy extended stays at resort destinations around the world with all of the best activities and excursions to make your vacation even more memorable. All of this, powered by gold and silver!


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