Presented by: David Powers
+1 (423) 715-2989

Rule for the contest are the following:

  • Must have a 50% exposure to engagement ratio to qualify. Engagements are tracked in the app and reflect a contact clicking on a trackable resource link from the app. (Tracking happens in the app and members are responsible for verifying and knowing how the app works)
  • Enrollments must be first time enrollments in the system since April 1, 2019. Renewals or re-enrollments for any member that has been in 7K for less than 1 year do not count. (All enrollments must be active to count for points)
  • Rank advance is calculated based on ranking to a new "Paid as Rank" status rank above the latest "Paid as Status" rank as of April 1, 2019.
  • Hotel nights are for winning member and guest only.
  • All prizes will be awared at the event and are not transferrable.
  • Winning members must be in good standing with the policies and procedures of the company and contest rules.
  • Prizes have no cash equivalent and can not be postponed to a later date or event.
  • The company will audit points to ensure that the points earned were done in an ethical way. The company has the right to reverse any points that do not align with building a long term sustainable business.
  • In the event a top 10 winner can not attend, there will be no substitution for that winner.
  • Travel itineraries will need to be submitted and RSVP sent by June 30, 2019

DOWNLOAD: Qualifications and prizes

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Customer Care at:
208-502-0982 or by email at

Founders Lifestyle Leaderboard

Place Name Points
1 Angelique Morton
1st Spot Top 15
2 Gold is Good
2nd Spot Top 15
3 Tony Hubbard
3rd Spot Top 15
4 Richard Hansen
Founder's Top 15
5 Pastor Collie Carter
Founder's Top 15
6 Tom Doherty
Founder's Top 15
7 Terry Walker
Founder's Top 15
8 Ron Blalack
Founder's Top 15
9 Donnie Morton
Founder's Top 15
10 Fred Furrow
Founder's Top 15
11 JT Frazier
Founder's Top 15
12 Floyd Lennox
Founder's Top 15
13 Scott Tillery
Founder's Top 15
14 Eddie Peterson
Founder's Top 15
15 Henry Readon
Founder's Top 15
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