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Congratulations to all those who achieved a Kangaroo Gold or Silver coin for your hard work during our Coin of the Month Promotion!

Also, here are the final results of the winners on the Leader Board. We Believe in You!

Help us create at least 2,018 New Coin of the Month Customers

7k Metals Coin of the Month Program is changing lives around the world. It is opening people’s eyes to the world of precious metals, creating real residual commission checks and helping people live a life of significance. We want to help 2,018 new people find what you have found within the next 90 days.

Points: Points accumulate for the following events:

New Member Enrollment = 5 points
Earned Check = 2 points
Earned Check by Personal Enrollee = 2 points
Rank Advancement you earn = 10 points
Rank Advancement by Personal Enrollee = 10 points
New or Reactivated Coin of the Month = 15 points

Prizes for New or Reactivated Coin of the Month Special Kangaroo Coin (see details)

Prizes for Top Ten Unique MS-70 World Coin

Additional Prizes for Top Three Idaho Experience! Including Jet Boat, Fishing, Waterfall, Yellowstone, and more!

Join the Cause Top two states that have the most new Coin of the Month members will host the company’s next regional events.

Click here for full details.

Leader Board:

Place Name Points
1 Wade Frederickson 260
2 Amanda Akers 248
3 Peter Barr 245
4 Tom Doherty 245
5 Tim Owens 235
6 Dawn Maree AKA Silver Stasher 231
7 Tony Hubbard 221
8 Sweet Success 158
9 G Preston 157
10 Kathleen Payton 156
11 Randy Johnson 155
12 Vincent Wallace 154
13 Coleen Lee 152
14 Chris Latin Sr. 146
15 Ten Streams 142
16 Dhana Nelson 139

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